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KLR Industries

Drilling Rigs

KLR Make CDR 1500, Core Cum DTH Drilling Rig
Technical Specifications
KLR make, Model CDR 1500, diamond core drill rig, Top drive all hydraulically operated Core drilling rig. Driling Capacity

Drilling Capacity SI FPS
Core Drilling
Drilling Size and Drilling depths (maximum)
NQ 1500 Mt 4950 Feet
Max Drill pipe length 3.0 MM 10 Feet

Note: Under favorable Drilling conditions.
DTH Drilling

Drill Hole Diameter 165 MM 6.5 (Inches)
Max Drilling Depth 450 Mts 1485 Feet
Max Drill Pipe Diameter 114.3 MM 4.5 Inches
Max Drill Pipe Wall Thickness 7.5 MM 0.29 Inches
Max Drill Pipe Length 6.0 Mts 20 feet

Note: Under favorable Drilling conditions.
Power Unit
The entire rig hydraulic system shall be powdered by the heavy duty deck engine with suitable PTO arrangement, engine power 260.0 HP @ 2200 RPM of reputed make.

Sturdy structural tubular type mast of electrically welded construction, main members are made out of heavy duty structural steel tubes. The mast shall be provided with a provision for drilling at a angle of 45 deg.

Mast length 12,000 mm 472.0 Inches
Rotary Head Travel 7,000 mm 275.0 Inches
Centraliser Opening 254 mm 10 Inches
Raising & Lowering With Hydraulic Cylinder

Top Head Rotary Drive
Heavy duty hydraulic driven top drive rotation head unit with dual speed motor and gear box arrangement having infinitely variable speed from (0-1200rpm). The rotation head gear box is also provided with slide out or swing out arrangement.
Rotary Head Output Speeds & Torques



1200 rpm 85 kg m
780 rpm 150 kg m
225 rpm 390 kg m
140 rpm 700 kg m

Feed System
Feed system is provided with adequate rotary head travel up to 7.0 Mt. Long. The feed and hoist are actuated by a suitable hydraulic cylinder with wire rope and pulley arrangement. The feed system has the following capabilities.

Feed Cylinder Ø 140 x Ø 100 x 2350
Pull Up 22,000 Kgf 48,488 lbf
Pull Down 11,000 Kgf 24,244 lbf
Pull Up Speed 36 Mt/Min 118 Ft/Min
Pull Down Speed 60 Mt/Min 2
Reeving ratio 3

Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system is designed for fuel efficient and high productive capacity. Variable displacement axial piston pump with proportional valves.

Max Operating Pressure (open loop) 210 Kg/cm2
Max Operating Pressure(Closed Loop) 300 kg/cm2 (Rotation and main hoist are in closed loop)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 750 Lt
Hydraulic Oil Cooler 120 gpm (Fin Type Oil to Air)

Mud Pump (Recommended size for Rotary Drilling)
High pressure, Triplex single acting pump of

Capacity 120.0 LPM
Delivery pressure 70.0 bar

System consists of four hydraulic levelling jacks (Box type) with 'Reverse flow restricted valves' to ensure safe operation.

No. of Jacks Four (02 each mounted in front and rear)
Cylinder Size Ø 125 x Ø 70 x 800
Type Hydraulic

Wire Line Winch Assembly
Hydraulic operated winch assembly for handling core catcher:

Line Pull (Bare Drum) 1500 Kgf 3306 lbf
Max. Line speed (Bare Drum) 100 Mtr/Min
Wire diameter 6 mm
Drive Hydraulic motor

Main Hoist Assembly
Hydraulic operated winch assembly for handling casing and drill pipes

Line Pull (Bare Drum) 1500 Kgf 33060 lbf
Max. Line speed (Bare Drum) 40 Mtr/Min
Wire diameter 22 mm
  In view of continuous R&D and Product Improvement program all specifications, features etc., are subject to amendments without prior notice
  KLR Drilling Rigs can be supplied in custom built models in various Configurations, Mounting features to suit all special requirements and Technical specifications can be offered accordingly

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