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KLR Industries

KLR-CDR 400 Core cum Blast Hole Drill Rig

KLR-CDR 400 Core cum Blast Hole Drill Rig, click here to see large picture.
Technical Specifications of KLR-CDR 400 Core cum Blast Hole Drill Rig
Capacity Feed System
Drilling Capacity (Core) Pull Back Capacity-7000 Kg.
Drill Hole Size N Size Pull Down Capacity-5000 Kg.
Depth 700 mtrs. Pull Back Speed 20 mt/min.
Drilling Capacity (Blast Hole) Rotary Head Travel 7 mt.
Max. Depth-50 mtrs.
Hole Dia-115 mm.
Angle Hole Drilling-0 to 45 Degrees
Mast Triplex Pump (TSA 75)
Construction-Sturdy structural Box Drive-Hydraulic Motor Drive
Centraliser Opening-300 mm. Flow-75 lps.
Rod Handling Capacity-6 mtrs. Max. Pressure-32 bar
Hydraulic System Rotary Head
Hydrostatic Closed loop for Rotation Max. Speed 1 gear 0-150 rpm.
Open loop System for other Functions Max. Torque 1 gear - 225 kgtm.
Oil Cooler Type-Oil & Air Heat Max. Speed II gear - 0-450 rpm.
Exchanger Max. Torque II gear - 60 kgfm.
Oil Cooler Drive-Hydraulic Motor Max. Speed III gear - 0-1000 rpm.
  Max. Speed III gear -30 kgfm.
Jacks High Speed Winch
Type-Hydraulically Actuated Bare drum pull - 1000 Kg.
Stroke-610 mm Bare drum speed - 60 mt/min.
Drive - Hydraulic Motor Drive
Main Hoist
Bare drum pull - 5000 Kg., Bare drum speed - 40 mts/mt., Drive - Hydraulic Motor Drive ,
Total Cable Length - 30 mtrs., Cable Dia-16 mm.

  KLR Drilling Rigs can be supplied in custom-built models in various Configurations as indicated below, Mounting features to suit all special requirements and Teechnical specifications can be offered accordingly

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